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So here comes an avalanche of updates on what I've been up to lately. Some of you might remember my feature on NPC's website selecting me as Athlete of the Month to represent Men's Physique division - http://npcnewsonline.com/npc-athletes-of-the-month-september-2012/44707 - FLEX Magazine has recently published that feature, so if you come across their current (March 2013) issue, pick it up! You'll see my old mug in there. Here's a cellphone pic of the feature:

I'm very happy to be part of this industry and more importantly part of these amazing organizations (NPC & IFBB) to whom I owe a lot, for allowing me have the chance to step on stage. This year it has been announced that Men's Physique division will be making it's debut at the 2013 Olympia, one of the biggest bodybuilding shows on the planet. In order to qualify for Olympia, one would either have to win 1st place in a pro show or accumulate enough points placing 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th places. Looks like I will be having a busy year, I cannot imagine how excited I am for this announcement and how much I am looking forward to seeing that show even if I don't qualify. Reason why I'm saying that, is because few months ago I've managed to injure my back, resulting in 2 herniated discs, so I have been out of the gym ever since. 2 months is a very long time and I've set my physique back quite a bit, injury along with terrible appetite doesn't mix well, so I lost some muscle mass since. However I'm being optimistic and slowly starting to train again, using very light weights. If I managed to get my ass in shape by april I'm planning to don those board shorts once again and hit the stage by May, just in time for New York Pro! Until then I've been going through a very long moving process, finally found a great apartment and settled, so even though things haven't started off on the right foot this year, there are plenty of things to keep me happy.

I appreciate all of your emails and your support, you guys are amazing! If you haven't already done so, please head over to my facebook athlete page, like & share if you could, drop me a message - even if it takes a while, I always respond there - http://www.facebook.com/antonantipovofficial




photos by Luis Rafael, more at the link above.



photo by Pat Lee



Just a short video of me performing Reverse Grip Curls with EZ Bar. I like to do 9 proper reps, followed by 6 cheating reps for a total of 15 reps a set, 4 sets total for this exercise, going up in weight each set.



One of the most common mistakes most beginners make when they start training is not give it time to work. Whether it's a New Year resolutioner or just somebody that always had an urge to step foot in the gym, people start training and get discouraged if they don't see any progress in a week. Rome wasn't built in a day. You have to prepare your body physically and mentally, take it through beginner levels to intermediate, it's a journey - learn to enjoy the ride. Oh, and please don't drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill.

Anton Antipov
IFBB Men’s Physique Pro

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Hope everyone had an amazing new year celebration and I hope this year tops the conquests of your last one! Keep on keeping on!

Photo by Luis Rafael.



I've been graced with some amazing news earlier today, when I was told that Jim Manion (President of the National Physique Committee) has selected me to be NPC Athlete of the Month! I cannot describe how it makes me feel, I'm so honored and overwhelmed. 

If you had asked me a year ago if I see myself competing and winning shows, I would just shake my head and mumble. Confidence definitely skyrocketed! I would like to say thanks to Jim Manion and the NPC for all the hard work they are doing for the athletes like myself, giving us a chance to do what we do, also thank you to the IFBB for allowing me a chance to be considered a professional athlete. This is an amazing day for me and I am speechless, like the time I won my overall title at IFBB North Americans and my pro status! Also thank you to NPC News Online, RX Muscle, Muscular Development Magazine and Flex Magazine for their coverage of events and bringing great athletes to exposure.
Thank you to all the people who are constantly supporting me, your kind words and support keeps me where I am today. 
Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

by Luis R.

I happened to be in Miami for a business venture this week and got in touch with Luis Rafael who's work I've always seen around. Unfortunately I wasn't really prepared for the shoot, but I thought it would be worth a try, these photos are an hour before I had to board my flight back to New York, so everything was rushed, the sun disappeared, weather and light changed and I had lack of wardrobe, but if anyone can make it work, it's Luis. Very professional and efficient shoot, can't wait to go back to Miami and shoot with him when I'm actually prepared. 



Here are some outtakes from a photoshoot I did with Lewis & Marshal in the beginning of this year, before I ever had my first competition. This was the last time I was this soft looking. 


Training ABS

ABS routine is as follows, keep in mind there's more on my athlete page at http://www.facebook.com/antonantipovofficial

I don't normally train abs anymore as much as I used to. Few months prior to a show is when I touch them up, this is the routine I use and have used ever since I first started training. I believe in sticking to basics, no new age equipment or funky accessories. When training abs, if I'm in my competitive season, I hit them 3 days a week, preferably in the AM on empty stomach 2 exercises per session. Starting with crunches - I like to do slow burn crunches, really concentrating on contracting the midsection slowly throughout the entire rep. I roll up a towel and put it under my lower back, set my feet elevated (you can keep your feet on the ground), arms crossed against my chest or behind the head. Slowly coming up off the floor and contracting the midsection, exhaling as much air as possible (allowing you to contract your abs as much as possible), should take about 3 seconds just to get to the top of the position, squeezing and holding the crunch for another 2 seconds, then slowly lowering your back to the floor for another 3 seconds. Breathing is important, inhale when you are back in the starting position, then once you start your rep start exhaling as much air out as you can throughout your rep. I stay in 12-14 rep range for 5 sets.
Second exercise is hanging knee raises. I use the same exact method, similar tempo. Some gyms have these underhand straps that you put your elbows into that allows you to hold yourself up for longer in case your grip gives out first, you can use those, if you don't have access to those then just use the traditional method of grabbing the bar shoulder width and pump out 5 sets. You can go a little quicker on these, but once your are the peak position, exhale and hold for 2 seconds on every rep. Don't just throw your knees up and down, make sure you are actually putting your midsection to work.

All the best, any questions or comments feel free to post.